Innovative Concrete Chair Accessory Debuts in Australia

July 19, 2012

A new line of chairs that raise and secure rebar is introduced to the construction industry in Melbourne at the Design Build Show, June, 2012. BIP Australia exhibited at the prestigious Design Build Show to introduce new concrete accessories to the marketplace this June. The patent pending pre-loaded locking head securely fastens rebar into place and eliminates the need for tie wire. The product comes in several different height specifications to meet the needs of both residential and commercial applications. The product line includes, the BIPChair, BIPSandplate, and BIPTilt-Up Chair.


The Chairs offer an easy snap-in application as opposed to using more traditional methods of tying the rebar into place.  This easy method reduces wrist injury and increases productivity by reducing the amount of time it takes to raise and secure the bar into place. The BIPChair has a wide octagon base, ensuring stability during pours. When called for the BIPSandPlate can be used to extend the base and can be used in trench work. The unique clip head can be snapped together to raise the height for double mat applications.


The BIPTilt-Up Chair is used in Precast Concrete Applications. The 4-point contact base is virtually undetectable after installation.  Wire is not needed to fasten it to rebar and the open design allows concrete to flow easily and to fill without voids.


BIP Company Australia is the exclusive distributor of BIP products to Australia and New Zealand. The parent company BIP Company, LLC is located in the United States.  BIP Company, LLC is a global leader in manufacturing innovative, time and cost-effective, eco-friendly products for the construction industry. Soon BIPChairs will be released in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Japan and 16 European countries.


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