BIP Company hits the DIY Market - HOME DEPOT

December 28, 2013


BIP Company announces today that their rebar support chairs branded under the GripRite PROLOK brand are now available for the DIY market.  For the DIYer, this innovative, time saving product comes at the right time as building and remodeling projects are gearing up for the upcoming building season.   The rebar support chairs raise and secure intersections of reinforcing steel which is required when pouring pads and driveways.  The easy snap-in, pre-loaded locking head eliminates the need for tie-wire and can cut labor time by as much as thirty percent.  The chairs are durable non-corrosive and lightweight - designed to make the job go faster.


PROLOK Chairs come in two common sizes for residential use.  4" h, x 2" diameter and, 4" h, 3" diamater.  They are packaged in buckets counts of 40 and 30.  PROLOK Chairs are now available at all Home Depots nation wide.

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