BIP Company Debuts New Concrete Accessory Line in Dubai

October 29, 2010
BIP Company announces today, Friday, October 29th, 2010 that they will be debuting their concrete accessories at the BIG 5 International Building Industry Show in Dubai, UAE being held November 22nd through the 25th at the Dubai Convention Center.

BIP Company manufactures and distributes globally plastic chairs and clips for the concrete accessories industry. BIPChairs™ are a revolutionary design that makes the raising and securing of rebar a snap. BIPChairs™ are affordable and STACKABLE, making the installation process so much easier than tying rebar – the old fashioned way.

The chairs and clips can be used in Precast, Pours, and Mesh applications. Fast, Efficient, Affordable, and providing Early Job Completion the new chairs and clips will be followed in 2011 with an ergonomic applicator gun to make the job even easier. No more back breaking work. Just stand up and Set-n-Snap chairs and clips into place. A smaller gun will be available for vertical applications.

BIP Company can be found at booth number: Zabeel M105.

To learn more about BIP Company concrete accessories go to:, or contact 503-303-8313, 800-399-9260 or, internationally at: 001-503-303-8313.

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