BIP Chair Approved by PennDOT

July 23, 2013

BIP Company has been notified that the BIPChair with Sandplate Base #4 and #5 rebar 2” cover, and #6 rebar 2.5” cover, have been approved for a listing in Bulletin 15 under the Approved Construction Materials, Section 1002.3(d) 2 Re-Bar Support Chairs for Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. “The PennDOT Bulletin 15 approval is significant because it further confirms standards required by our industry to manufacture high quality, durable and versatile products”, stated Robert Adams, Vice President of Business Development.  Adams continued, “This validation enhances our efforts of meeting stringent requirements required by other State DOT’s.” BIPChairs have been approved for use in 29 other states, including Qualified Products Listings for Alaska, Idaho, Utah and Tennessee.


BIPChairs securely hold rebar in place eliminating the need for tie wire. This easy snap-in application allows for a typical rebar grid to be constructed with very little labor compared to traditional methods and cuts the amount of time needed by more than a third. The chairs are designed with a pre-loaded locking head to ensure that the rebar will snap into place and cannot be removed. The chairs are patent-pending and available in multiple heights and bar sizes.


BIP Company, LLC is a global leader in manufacturing innovative, time and cost-effective, eco-friendly products for the construction industry.  BIP’s industrial designers are leaders in their field and consistently create products that make a valuable difference in the building industry. In North America the chairs are distributed through PrimeSource Building Products, Inc., under the PROLOK brand and are now available at local area concrete retailers. In Australia, the chairs are available from BIP Australia, (

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